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White Fillings Palmers Green, London

Composite (white, amalgam free) fillings can be placed in anterior and posterior teeth and are used for a number of situations to restore cavities and mask deformities and discolouration. They are very effective as a treatment option in building up front teeth that have fractured.

Composites have been improved and greatly enhanced. For certain sizes of cavities in the teeth they can last between 5-10 years depending on a number of factors such as diet, oral hygiene, type of white filling material, and pressure exerted during chewing.


They offer several distinct advantages:
  • Superior cosmetics – they look and feel just like natural teeth.
  • It is possible to bond white fillings to the tooth, so they require less of the healthy part of a tooth to be removed to hold the filling in place.
  • There is no mercury in white fillings, which means they are kinder to the environment.
  • They do not expand in the cavity and so place less internal stress in the tooth than a silver amalgam.

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