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There is absolutely no reason why people that wear dentures shouldn’t have the opportunity to have a beautiful natural smile.

Dentures can be make from Acrylic, Chrome and Acrylic or a Flexible material.

There are approximately five to six stages involved when making cosmetic and functional dentures, and the process lasts approximately 4 to 12 weeks. Dentures should be replaced approximately every five to ten years, because the supporting gum and bone will change shape over this time. Wearing ill- fitting dentures is proven to cause accelerated deterioration of bone support in the mouth.


Appearance of teeth

Teeth are chosen according to shape, colour, personality type, face shape, and patient preference. We look at what suits our patients the best and take into account the type of appearance that you have imagined for yourself.

We use very natural looking acrylic teeth for our dentures, so that they will mimic actual teeth. There is an opportunity as part of the denture process, to preview the teeth in your mouth before the denture is finalised.

Appearance of Gums.

Colours of gums vary amongst people. We ensure that the gum colour is also correct so that when you smile it is not apparent that a denture is being worn.

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