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Payment Options - Adult Fee

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TreatmentFee per itemPsD Total ConfidencePsD All Round Care
New patient examinations
(Includes X-Rays)
Routine examinations£48includedincluded
Implant ConsultationAsk at receptionAsk at receptionAsk at reception
Small radiographs£9.50 eachincludedincluded
Scale and polishfrom £58includedincluded
Fillingsfrom £72from £61included
Crowns, Bridges
And Veneers
from £586/unitfrom £498/unitlab costs
Extractionsfrom £85from £73included
Root Canal Treatmentfrom £260from £221from £90
Dentures (acrylic)from £468/archfrom £398lab costs
Dentures (cobalt chrome)from £796from £676lab costs
Home whitening£350£298£298
Sports guard£102£86£86
Out of hours£100 plus £75 per 15minsincludedincluded
Non-Registered Patient Consultation£48
Rapid Relief Treatment (Non-registered Patients)£99


Laboratory fees

Crowns, Bridges and Veneers from £190/unit
All other treatment involving laboratory costs are priced on an individual basis

Payment Options

Private Fee per Item All charges will be at the rate of the current surgery fee schedule.


PsD Total Confidence – Spread the cost of your regular dental care

Monthly fee from £11.80

  1. The fee category is determined by the number of routine appointments i.e. examination and hygienist appointments
  2. The monthly fee covers the specified number of routine appointments, x-rays and consultation appointments
  3. All treatment is to be paid for based on our Fee per Item list, with a 15% discount


PsD All Round Care – A comprehensive oral healthcare plan

Monthly fee from £19.40

  1. The fee category is determined by the patient’s oral health, and by their past, present and future treatment needs. The fee category is fixed by the dentist at the beginning of the contract. The category may be reviewed from time to time, as a patient’s ongoing treatment has an effect on where a patient stands within a category
  2. The monthly fee covers routine examinations, x-rays, and recommended hygienist visits. It also includes the majority of all other treatment, please see exclusions below.

Not included in this plan:

  1. Laboratory fees for crowns, dentures, mouth guards etc. The clinical fee will be covered
  2. A percentage of the full cost of root treatments
  3. Certain items of treatment such as sports guards
  4. Treatment carried out purely for cosmetic reasons
  5. Treatment provided at other dental facilities on referral, i.e. specialist care such as oral surgery