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Prevention & Hygiene

We have an emphasis on preventative dentistry and believe that it is important you attend for regular check-ups so that we can spot any potential problems and treat them before they cause you any pain or discomfort.

Having healthy teeth is paramount to having a healthy smile but another major component to this is the health of the gums. We try to tailor treatments to the individual based on needs and end goals.

Our practice has a strong emphasis on oral hygiene as we believe healthy gums are the foundation of any healthy smile. Every patient that comes to our practice has a full oral health check which includes a full charting of the health of all your teeth and gums and thorough cleaning with the hygienist to ensure that any signs of plaque and build up are removed.

More importantly our hygiene program has been designed to also be educational and teach you how to best look after your teeth using the correct brushing, and interdental cleaning technique. A good oral hygiene program will ensure that you have a long lasting beautiful smile.

Our hygiene department offers the following appointments:
  • Gum health Screening for patients who are concerned that they have gum disease
  • Hygiene polish appointments
  • Stain removal from teeth
  • Treatment for gingivitis
  • Treatment for gum disease

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